What Drives Us

We are here to help bring a logical solution to a major decision that thousands of people across the country are making everyday; the decision to carry a firearm for self defense. Each and every one of us have come to that decision for different reasons. If you were to ask the staff at OTCC, you will get a different answer from each person as to how they came to that point. On Target began as a way to help people.

We are bringing a variety of experience to the table, but one thing we all have in common is that we are students first. Every opportunity we get, we are traveling and training across the country to learn as much as we possibly can. We understand that for most people it is not an easy thing to take time off work, spend 1000’s in class tuition, ammo, and travel expenses to train. Our endeavor is to do that for you and bring back all the knowledge we gain and pass it on to our students.

Our students are not just students, but friends and family. What we mean by that is once you walk out the door, the relationship has just started. We are here to answer questions, help with technical issues, point you in the right direction on equipment, shoot competitions together, or what ever else may arise.

When we first started, we had the slogan of “Practical, not Tactical.” We have come to learn that those two are one in the same. Tactical doesn’t mean that you’re a door kicker, or swat operator. It simply means that you used a skill set at your disposal to solve the problem at hand. That is practical as well as tactical. Bottom line is that we all want to go about our day, live a happy life, and be with our families. We want to help you accomplish that goal.