Safe Queens

I wanted to take a moment to write about a topic that most will get all twitterpated over;  Safe Queens.  A safe queen can be any firearm in your safe, but are usually high end custom handguns or rifles.  A lot of people will call them BBQ guns.  They are a thing of beauty, finely crafted with an extreme attention to detail.  I have had a chance or two to see and handle a few safe queens as well as own what most would consider a safe queen.  Us 1911 guys often fall victim to the sleek lines of the finely engraved creation that was given to us by John Moses Browning after the Good Lord inspired him.  Moses went up on the mountain to meet with God and brought back the 10 commandments.  John Browning went up on the mountain to meet with God and brought back the 1911.

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Training On a Budget

Ammo is expensive and harder to come by lately.  Things will and are settling down, but we are one nut job away from the gun grabbers pushing a national gun control campaign again.  If that happens, you will see the supply dry up again.  So all that being said, what can you do to keep up your training but not break the bank?  Read more

Review: 5 Shot Leather

Your carry rig.  One of the most hard to figure out parts of concealed carry.  All too often we do our research on our gun to the point where we’ve left no stone unturned, and that’s a good thing.  We pick the best “master blaster, whiz bang, ultimo” pistol that we think will fit our lifestyle and needs.  Then we research the ammo and make sure it’s the best we can use.  Some people spend some time researching lights as well.  Those are all part of the system each playing a crucial part.  The one that doesn’t get the research it needs though is your holster.  Read more

Trigger Press

The fundamentals of marksmanship are crucial to a great shot.  The fundamentals are subject to many things that are out of our control though.  One would like to have a perfect isosceles stance to help control recoil and give the body a good posture to fight from.  The issue though is you may be knocked on your back and have to fight from there.  You may want perfect sight alignment, but when you’re being pushed over the hood of your car you may not be able to bring those sights to bear.  Your trigger press however, should be the one constant in your fundamentals. 

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The 4 Rules to Live By

If I was able to plug my laptop into every students brain and program one thing, it would be gun safety.  I consider myself to be a happy-go-lucky or jovial type guy/teacher.  While fun isn’t the number one thing on my agenda when I teach a class, I do want it to be a pleasant experience.  However, I make the speech in every class, “You want to see how big of a jerk I can be, break one of the four rules of gun safety.”  Read more